Ice Cream For Summer – The Ultimate Comfort Food

ice cream makerDuring hot summer days, ice cream is the only answer for the heat. It is so refreshing to have a pint or a cone of different flavored ice cream while enjoying the summer sun. Although it is usually for kids but it doesn’t really have a specific type of customer. At any age we can all eat this cold sweet cream. It has a lot of flavors; vanilla flavor, chocolate, strawberry, mango and many more.

The best ice cream has many purposes.

Not just that, ice cream is also one of women’s weapons when it comes to the healing process. Have you ever noticed that most women have the tendency to eat much much more it when they are in pain? When their boyfriends broke their heart the eat this cold sweet cream. They said that it can heal the heat inside their heart. I say, this cold sweet cream that was discovered in the 4th century B.C. is really the ultimate comfort food.

So if you’re wondering what’s on it that can even heal women’s broken heart? The answer is just simple. Because it is cold it insulates and soothes the pain in our heart. It serves as an anesthesia for the pain that’s engulfs the heart. Their main ingredient is milk or dairy, according to Chinese medicine, dairy can generate fluids and it is neutral in nature that has an affinity for the heart, lung and stomach. This cold cream can mends the heart and slows down the heavy breathing of the lungs because of the calming nature of milk. Milk has a nature of slowing things down it is opposite of coffee which can make you more hyper.

Though it is good for the heart it can also cause some digestion problems. If you have lactose intolerance, eating ice cream is a bit much of a problem. And also excessive eating of it may cause some irregularities in your body.

Remember that everything has its opposite and equal reaction; even our comfort food has also a side effect on our body. It is not advisable to eat it all the time. Everything has its useful moment so don’t abuse things. If you’re in some kind of pain, try ice cream as a first aid to the heart because ice cream is the ultimate comfort food. It doesn’t also mean that ice cream can heal all the pain. Having a shoulder’s friend is still the best way to heal the heartaches and pains.