Ice Cream For Summer – The Ultimate Comfort Food

ice cream makerDuring hot summer days, ice cream is the only answer for the heat. It is so refreshing to have a pint or a cone of different flavored ice cream while enjoying the summer sun. Although it is usually for kids but it doesn’t really have a specific type of customer. At any age we can all eat this cold sweet cream. It has a lot of flavors; vanilla flavor, chocolate, strawberry, mango and many more.

The best ice cream has many purposes.

Not just that, ice cream is also one of women’s weapons when it comes to the healing process. Have you ever noticed that most women have the tendency to eat much much more it when they are in pain? When their boyfriends broke their heart the eat this cold sweet cream. They said that it can heal the heat inside their heart. I say, this cold sweet cream that was discovered in the 4th century B.C. is really the ultimate comfort food.

So if you’re wondering what’s on it that can even heal women’s broken heart? The answer is just simple. Because it is cold it insulates and soothes the pain in our heart. It serves as an anesthesia for the pain that’s engulfs the heart. Their main ingredient is milk or dairy, according to Chinese medicine, dairy can generate fluids and it is neutral in nature that has an affinity for the heart, lung and stomach. This cold cream can mends the heart and slows down the heavy breathing of the lungs because of the calming nature of milk. Milk has a nature of slowing things down it is opposite of coffee which can make you more hyper.

Though it is good for the heart it can also cause some digestion problems. If you have lactose intolerance, eating ice cream is a bit much of a problem. And also excessive eating of it may cause some irregularities in your body.

Remember that everything has its opposite and equal reaction; even our comfort food has also a side effect on our body. It is not advisable to eat it all the time. Everything has its useful moment so don’t abuse things. If you’re in some kind of pain, try ice cream as a first aid to the heart because ice cream is the ultimate comfort food. It doesn’t also mean that ice cream can heal all the pain. Having a shoulder’s friend is still the best way to heal the heartaches and pains.

Myths About Feminine Suppositories


In curing yeast infections, numerous women tend to use medicines bought over the counter or medications prescribed by doctors. In fact, there are several efficient treatment choices to cure it including single-dose treatment courses and by the use of antifungal treatment that comes in a vaginal suppository, cream forms, and tablet.

Medical prescription medicines include dosages of Diflucan, vaginal suppositories and tablets that have Mycostatin, and vaginal creams that contain Terazol and Gynazole. The famous brands that can be bought over the counter that can cure yeast infection are Monistat, Femstat, and Vagistat that come in tablet, cream and suppository forms.

With the popular idea of back to basics in the field of wellness and health, more and more people choose to use herbal and natural products to treat and cure several illnesses and infections. These days, a lot of women suffering yeast diseases want to use natural medications to cure it. Many women believe that they get a greater outcome with no side effects if they use natural treatment.

Suppositories are another commonly-used treatment for hemorrhoids. They moisten and lubricate the problem area, which gives the hemorrhoids a chance to heal. This common treatment helps many people, but again, it is not a hemorrhoid cure, simply a way to deal with the current outbreak. This cure is a systematic approach that uses natural substances to cure, rather than simply treat hemorrhoids, and do it without surgery. The system provides complete information, including ingredient resources, charts, and audio lessons that walk you through everything you need to do to cure your hemorrhoids quickly and easily.

The common cure used by more women around the world is a plain and sugar-free yogurt put in the vaginal region directly or taken orally. Garlic cloves or garlic are inserted in the vagina similar to suppositories or eaten for the body to suck up its antibiotic properties. Apple cider vinegar can also be used internally or externally by mixing it with oil of oregano leaves or water.

We should drink water more often because it is pure and free from dangerous toxins. Cranberries in the form of lemon, juice, cinnamon, curd, lime, tea tree oil and fruits that contain Vitamins C must be included in the diet since they fight successfully the overgrowth of yeast.

Personal cleanliness and sanitation are the key method to cure yeast infection. Self-care is very efficient in curing yeast infection and can help for the infections not to reoccur. Women have to alter their birth control pills regularly for the immune system not to be weakened and for the yeast infections to be prevented.

Antibiotics weaken the immune system, so women are advised not to take in to avoid the overgrowth of yeast in the body. Douching is not good because it affects the natural balance of bacteria in the human body. Feminine deodorants can upset the genital area so they should be avoided.

In curing yeast infections, you should not wear tight fitting clothes, should always use cotton underwear, should not eat foods that feed yeast such as sugar, and should always wear dry clothing.